Grain Flow Spreader

The complete equipment of modern bin can not be carried out without grain spreader, the role of which is huge in processing and grain storage.

When choosing the bin accessories

and relevant equipment it should be remembered that in grain as in the complex biochemical system constant physicochemical and biological processes occur, which depending on storage conditions, may lead to the deterioration, and even to the grain unsuitability.

Having equipped the bin with grain spreader you get guarantee of high quality grain storage with reducing electricity consumption.

Due to the pressure of grain flow, being inlet through the central transfer funnel, the mechanism starts rotation providing uniform distribution of the grain around the bin;

• prevents accumulation of fine particles in the central part of the bin;
• improves grain aeration of fines, keeping them from spoiling;
• helps create more uniform air flow through the grain;
• reduces grain threats due to fall from a great height;
• provides fast grain gassing.

Equipment is produced of high-quality galvanized steel from Sweden vendors (SSAB company).