Cooling Bins

Bin for cooling grain relates to the elevators parts for processing and grain storage and is an alternative solution in the case the equipment which performs cooling in grain drying is not installed.

The structure of bin

The structure of bin for cooling grain comprises

– vertical circular casing,
– perforated outer cover,
– reinforced with clamping rings and stiffeners,
– pressure-distributed system,
– compressor fan,
– high pressure fan,
– grain inlet and outlet units.

To provide effective grain aeration the inner air duct is equipped with air feed limiting device, according to the grain level in the bin.

Bin casing is equipped with cone bottom and load junction pipe. Its sidewalls are perforated, produced of cold rolled galvanized steel with powder paint covering to provide maximum protection against corrosion.

Bin capacity depends on its planned efficiency and grain processing according to the standard range and is available of 40t., 60t., 80t.