Grain House Сompany is a manufacturer of grain bins and wide range of material handling equipment in Ukraine. Grain House main partner is Sukup Manufacturing Co. in USA, which holds a leading position in the international market.


Production of Grain bins and material handling equipment

Design and construction

Building and Installation


Service and training


The main directions of the manufactured equipment

Grain Bins

Grain Bin is one of the most important and essential part which provides proper functioning of the whole elevators complex and assure further topquality grain storage.

Bins differ in their design and equipment due to the operating factors and type of the elevator complex is used.

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Material Handling Equipment

Grain House Co., offers a wide range of material handling equipment, running high quality cold-rolled steel in its production. Parts are available of different sizes and steel gauge.

As a protective cover of parts a powder paint is aplicable. Dip galvanizing is being used on the customers request.

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Grain Flow Spreader

The complete equipment of modern bin can not be carried out without grain spreader, the role of which is huge in processing and grain storage.

Grain Flow Spreader is equipment that distributes grain throughout the volume of the silo.

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Service Galleries

Gallery is a bolted construction on which conveyor equipment is installed to perform handling operations.

It is equipped with service platforms that provide convenient and secure access to the drive.

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Galleries Supports

Gallery Support is steel construction designed in the form of bolted modules.

Supports can have two types of mounting: upper bin bracing and direct installation on the ground.

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Substructure Platform

Hopper bin substructures were designed to perform fast and simplified grain unload from hoppers, without use of additional auger system.

Grain mass transfers through the bottom hole of the bin directly to the machine bed.

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Cooling Bins

Bin for cooling grain relates to the elevators parts for processing and grain storage and is an alternative solution in the case the equipment which performs cooling in grain drying is not installed.

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